The beginners guide to adult cams

Cam sites represent a big and interesting world where you can find a lot of fun and pleasure to your liking. They allow you to fulfill the most cherished fantasies and secret desires. They allow you to see something that you cannot see anywhere else. Cam sites allow you to watch an adult film in which you will be directing the picture on your own. And you can choose beautiful girls for the main role for yourself.

Who are the models on the cam sites?

Most of the model girls on cam sites are the amateurs who work from their own homes. For some girls, this is the main income, while others simply earn money to pay for an education or something else. In addition to amateurs, the so-called "studios" are often found. In this case, several models work from the same room and use more professional equipment. As a rule, the amateur's show is more intimate and hot than the studio girl's one, although ultimately it all depends on the particular girl.

What shows can I watch?

On the cam sites there are two main show types, private and public. During the private show, you have a one-on-one chat with a model. You can see the model through her webcam, but she can see you only if you want it and if the site provides such a possibility. The site option when you and the model can see each other called cam2cam. During the show, you can tell the model what you want her to do. Often, the "hot" models can perform a show on their own and you just have to watch and enjoy. In private shows you have to pay only for the time. Models can set their own rates for the show time. Usually it is from 1 to 4 dollars per minute. Different sites and different models price per minute can vary significantly. Here you can read the recommendations on how to spend less money on the cam sites.

The payment for the show is accepted in the form of "tokens" or "credits". Thus, first you need to purchase a package of "tokens" and then you can use them as a payment for the show. Usually there are many ways to pay for "tokens" and you can choose the one that will be convenient for you. Tokens can be purchased completely anonymously, for example, through bitcoins.

The public show looks a little bit different. The model does the webcam broadcasting to the common chat room. A large number of users can watch her at the same time and anyone can chat with her. This show is completely free but usually the model is fully clothed when it starts. Any visitor can ask the model to take off some of the clothes or do something else, and the model set a fee for this action. For example, the model can set the price of 50 "tokens" to remove the panties. If one of the visitors pays this amount, the model will remove them. In case, if several visitors pay this amount together, the model will also fulfill the promise. Such shows can be very interesting and unpredictable. You can watch them for free if there are enough visitors in the common chat room with you, who are ready to pay.

Is there something else?

In addition to these main show types, cam sites provide many other services. For example, you can watch someone else's private show. In this mode you, certainly, cannot say anything to the model, but only to watch. Often you can purchase the pre-recorded shows and collections of photos of models that you like. Some models can also sell you the things that they used, such as underwear, shoes, etc.

What about Virtual Reality?

On some sites you can watchthe shows in VR mode. In this case, you will see the girl and the room where she is located in a 3D format. For this you, certainly, need to purchase a special VR headset. This is a really spectacular sight, but the disadvantage of this mode is that cam2cam mode will be impossible.

What Are Teledildonics?

The cam siteslatest trend. These are the remote-controlled interactive sex toys. How it works? Simple. The girl inserts a sex toy, such as OHMIBOD, vaginally or anally, and you, pressing the button, can make the toy vibrate and give the model a pleasure. If you want, you can bring the model to orgasm. Some advanced sites also allow you to take pleasure from the model's action. For example, a virtual blow job on a device, such as KIIROO ONYX. The girl will do a blowjob on an artificial penis with a lot of tactile sensors and all her movements will be transmitted to your KIIROO ONYX. It is clear that using Teledildonics you can get a lot of additional fun and new sensations.


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