Safety rules when using the cam sites

Visiting a cam site, a lot of people are concerned with safety and their own privacy. Which sites are worth and which ones are not worth visiting? Can I ensure my anonymity? What will be indicated on my credit card statement after making a payment for the cam site service? And many others. We've got a little guide for you, including the security questions that people most frequently ask us.

Is it safe to use my home computer when visiting a cam site?

It is absolutely safe, if you visit those cam sites that are included in our list. No fraud schemes have been sighted on these sites. You can also be sure that these sites will not do any harm to your computer. All the information shared between your computer and any of these sites is completely encrypted and cannot be made accessible to anyone out of the site.

You can also be sure that all the girls registered on these sites had provided the documents confirming that they reached 18 years of age. This means that you can be sure you are not committing any illegal actions while communicating with them.

How can I remain my visits of the cam sites confidential?

It is best to visit the cam sites from a computer that only you have an access to. In case you are using a computer that other people may have an access to, for example, the members of your family or co-workers, it's necessary to pursue further actions to hide your activity. The easiest way is to clear the history and cookies after each visit of the cam sites. You need to learn how to do this in the web browser you are using. For example, if you use the Google Chrome browser, you can see the instructions on how to do it here and here. This way you cover all the tracks.

Another more advanced way is to use a special anonymous browser. There are many of such browsers, for example, such as "SRWare Iron", "ComodoIceDragon", "Epic Privacy Browser" or "Tor Browser". The "Tor Browser" is the safest one, but it doesn't quite fit the cam site, because of the Internet speeds issues.

You do not have to worry about any compromising lines indicated on your credit card statement. All the cam sites included in our list pay the necessary attention to the privacy of their customers. Usually, your credit card statement will show something like "", "", "Webbilling" or other similar.

How can I remain anonymous?

If you wish, you can maintain complete anonymity when visiting cam sites. In this case, you have to use: a fictitious name instead of the real one, a different email when registering and the bitcoins instead of the credit card, as the way of payment. In this way, no information about your real identity will be available to anyone.

If you want to achieve even a higher level of anonymity, you can also hide the IP address of your computer using the VPN service. A VPN changes your IP address and essentially hides your real location from everyone, including the owner of the cam site. All data passing through the VPN service is completely encrypted. This is another one encryption in addition to the one that the cam site performsby itself.

If you want to maintain anonymity, you should avoid cam2cam sessions in which a girl can see you. You can also turn off the webcam on your computer if it's possible. If you can't turn off the camera, then you can seal its lens with a black tape while visiting the cam site.

Please, keep in mind that by focusing on the anonymity you can deprive yourself of a significant part of the impressions from visiting cam sites. Most of the girls can give you much more pleasant moments if they know at least something about you. For a girl it is much easier to perform an erotic show for a man, who she was able to meet with.

What should I pay attention to when visiting new cam sites?

If you are using the camsites that are not included in our list, pay attention to their signs of legitimacy. Make sure the site has the "18 U.S.C. 2257 and 2257A Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement", legally binding statement, which ensures that they use models 18 years of age and above. Usually such an icon should be located at the bottom of the site page. If you haven't found such a sign, this should be a warning signal for you. Pay attention also to what kind of opportunities to contact the site team you have been provided with. If there is only an e-mail address that can be used as a feedback, then you should not trust such a cam site.

What should I avoid when visiting cam sites?

Be careful when visiting the sites built on the principle of a random roulette. Some of them do not check the age of the participants. In this way, the girl you have a chat with can be under age 18. Also stay away from the sites that offer you free tokens in exchange for any suspicious action. For example, you've been asked to download and/or install some software. As a result, your computer is likely to be infected and all the data on it may be stolen.

To avoid these and other troubles, we highly recommend you to use only those cam sites that are included in our list.


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