How to spend less money and have more fun on cam sites

Watching shows, taking pleasure and having fun on cam sites may appear to be very expensive. A private show costs 1-4 dollars per minute and it is simply impossible to take your eyes off it. Therefore, you have to know some tricks that will greatly reduce your costs and increase the amount of pleasure you receive. The following are the simplest of these techniques.

Use free video chat rooms.

The preliminary communication in free and can save you a lot of money. Of course, you will not see an exciting show there and the model will be fully clothed, but there you can discuss all your desires with the model and if she is able/willing to fulfill them. You will not be limited in time to tell her in details about how you would like to see her on a private show. Inexperienced users often spend on this a lot of private show time, and you remember that you need to pay for every minute after it starts. You can save a lot if you are not doing like that.

Pay attention to periodic promotions.

Cam sites often carry out the promotions when you can get the same services at a substantial discount. Such promotions, often, take place on holidays, such as Valentine's Day. There are also the special promotions lasting for a month, such as February or November. Usually cam sites send information about such discounts by e-mail, so you shouldn't ignore such mailings. You can save a lot of money by visiting the cam sites and keeping track of all the discounts applied.

Buy a lot of "credits" in one time.

Usually with a one-time purchase of a large number of "credits" you will receive a noticeable discount. Some sites alsocharge a separate fee for processing your purchase. This fee does not depend on the number of "credits" purchased. Even if you buy only a few "credits", you may be charged a processing fee. Thus, it is more profitable to buy a large package of "credits" in one time, than to divide it into several small ones. In this case, the obvious advantage also would be the existence of a large number of extra credits during the show. There is nothing more unpleasant than the situation when you run out of "credits" during an exciting show.

Build a good relationship with the models.

This is the last, but probably the most important tip. The best way to gain the maximum return on your money is to be a good customer. Show the model you are communicating with that you appreciate her and what she does for you. Let both of you to enjoy your communication. Do not allow the bossy approach, rudeness and neglect. Unfortunately, models often have to deal with the customers who are rude and unfriendly. Such people think that since they pay for the show, they have the right to command and say anything. This is a big mistake. Do not makeit. In any case, the girl on the other side of the screen expects the friendly and respectful communication with you. If you can build a friendship with a model, then, in most cases, she will try to make it so you could get much more pleasure than others, for the money you paid.


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